Human mind has the great power bring you back in time in a blink of an eye. No time machine is needed. All you need to do is focusing on a time of your life you want to go back to and your mind will do the rest. Places, people, flavours, feelings.. all will be again as when you experienced it at the time.
Music is a powerful tool to recall memories, so today we will use it to start a travel, a time travel into the life of Nina Mariani, now a U.S.A. citizen, who was born in Sulmona.
beeing away from your country for so many years can make you forget many details about it, but there’s something that will never be forgotten: feelings.
Trips are more enjoyable if you are with someone, and what better companions then someone you love?
Someone say the best way to get people know the goodness of a place is to pass the word, so let’s hear what Nina’s lovely daughters have to say about Sulmona.

Marco Malvestuto


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