Tales from Sulmona Episode 01
Many people say that when you have something everyday, even if it is very special, you’ll consider it not important at all, because you take it for granted.
That’s maybe what happened to people living in a wonderful place like Sulmona and the Valle Peligna.They don’t belive in their city potentiality and didn’t take enough care of it.
Believing in your own city strength is not so difficult if many people from the other parts of the world come and decide to built thier “Nest” up here.
In the past years many people came here for tourism, but one couple captured our attention: Linda and Timothy Jenkins.
Linda is a famous italian american writer and blogger who loves to travel and enjoys good food.
After several visit to Sulmona they decided to buy a house to better enjoy the “Sulmonese life style”.
But now let’s find out how their journey began:
Usually the best way to understend the importance of something is to lose it. But there is a less drastic and more interesting method: talk to people coming from other countries with different characteristics compared to ours and who travel miles and miles to come and visit what we have and that we don’t appreciate. Final result? you’ll see your world with completly new eyes!
The exchange through different cultures is the key to the improvement of both. Different points of view from people that look at us from outside is a great deal because their judgement is over any infuence.


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